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New EcoGrid EU report: From Design to Implementation

The design phase of the EcoGrid EU real-time market is completed and the first phase of the field test on the Danish island Bornholm has been ramping up since May 2013. The theoretical concept will be materialised in real life on Bornholm in course of the next 2-3 years.
“The customers´ feedback regarding the ICT technology introduced in the project and their ability and motivation to change consumption based on five-minutes prices will be most valuable as source for concept adjustment in the final part of the project”, says Ove Grande, SINTEF, project coordinator.
In parallel to the development and design of the real time market concept an intensive effort has been done by the local grid company Oestkraft in order to recruit the 2,000 participants required in the demonstration. The recruitment process is considered a success. By August 2013 the objective of 1,900 test households on Bornholm was almost realized.
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