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Reference Group

Together with the partners the EcoGrid EU reference group will help completing the EcoGrid EU Puzzle

The reference group will have a significant role in the EcoGrid EU project as a forum for feedback, opinions and support. Members of the group represent the interests of key stakeholders in a future real-time market for regulation power. The members of the reference group  include DSOs, TSOs, aggregators/suppliers, Danish authorities/regulators and national Smart Grid platforms and expert groups.

The Annual EcoGrid EU Reference Group Meetings

The first meeting in the EcoGrid EU Reference Group was held in Brussels on 19 January 2012 where 16 Reference Group Members was represented – see table below for a total list of the 32 members. The purpose of the meeting was to present and discuss the first results in EcoGrid EU and the challenges associated with the next project phase, where focus is on implementation and demonstration.

The second Reference Group meeting was held in Copenhagen on 7 March 2013. The discussions include the development and ICT architecture of the EcoGrid Real-time Market setup; DER control solutions; end user interface and communication with the customers.

The third Reference Group Meeting took place on the 10th of April 2014 on the beautiful Danish island Bornholm, where the project runs the demonstration. The members visited the actual set-up of the EcoGrid EU demonstration in the project's demonstration centre, "Villa Smart" in Rønne. At this years meeting the agenda include the experiences gained during the first implementation and demonstration phase.

The final Reference Group meeting was hosted by ELIA and took place in Brussels on 12 March 2015. Emiline Spire (ELIA) and Henrik Dam (EC Project Officer) opened the meeting and talked about their expectation to the EcoGrid EU project. The Consortium presented the preliminary and promising evaluation results: Households can contribute significantly to balancing of the power system following a real-time signal.  


 List of EcoGrid Reference Group Members







Eesti Energia     
Netbeheer Nederland   The Netherlands
ores   Ores   Belgium
de   The Danish Energy Association   Denmark
vorarlberg   VKW-Netz AG   Germany
**en_gb** Logo cabecera NRE    Union Fenosa Distribution


aspo   Axpo AG   Switzerland
tennet   TenneT   The Netherlands
svenska-kraftnat   Svenska Kraftnät/Swedish National Grid   Sweden


auw   Allgäuer Überlandswerk GmbH   Germany
alstrom   Alstom Power   France
dong   DONG Energy   Denmark
energiedienst   Energiedienst Holding AG   Germany
stawag   Stadtwerke Aachen   Germany
vattenfall   Vattenfall   Denmark
vestas   Vestas Wind Systems   Denmark
4energia    4energia

Technology Platforms/Projects

eranet   SmartGrids ERA-NET   European programmemanager platform
smartgrids-austria   Smart Grids Austra   Austra
grid4eu   Grid4EU   EU/FP7 financed project. Lead by ERDF Distribution


energistyrelsen   Danish Energy Agency   Denmark
bornholm   The Municipality of Bornholm   Denmark

Power Market

apxandex   APX B.V.   The Netherlands
europex   EuroPEX   Europe
nordpool   Nord Pool Spot   Nordic Countries


baum   B.A.U.M Consult   Germany
bluelime   BlueLime   Denmark
ea   EA Technology   Great Britain
electrolux   Electrolux   Italy
energitjenesten   Energitjenesten Bornholm (local energy consumer service body)   Denmark
taenk   The Danish Consumer Council   Denmark
 Home   Nokia Siemens Networks