The Bornholm Test Site

The EcoGrid EU concept will be demonstrated in a single full-scale demonstration in the complete Bornholm distribution system, owned and operated by the local DSO, Østkraft.

The Bornholm distribution system is part of the Nordic interconnected system and fully integrated in the power market "DK2". It is located at the Danish island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea.

The system comprise ~28.000 electricity customers (55 MW peak load) and has very high penetration of a variety of low-carbon energy resources, including wind power (30 MW), CHP (16 MW), active demand (under roll-out during the project), Photo Voltaic (1 MW under roll-out during the project) and electric vehicles (under roll-out during the project). Attempt is currently made to further increase the amount of renewable energy resources, especially wind power as well as storage. The distribution grid includes a meshed 60 kV network with 16 60/10 kV substations, 91 10 kV feeders and approximately 1000 10/0.4 substations.

Østkraft and the strategy for Bornholm

The Bornholm distribution grid is operated by the local DSO, Østkraft, which is owned by the Bornholm municipality. The Bornholm municipality has, together with local industry, public and other authorities, established the "Bright Green Island" strategy for Bornholm focusing on energy and environment with the goal to become 100 % based on renewable energy. In 2009 the share of wind power penetration in the Bornholm system was 40 %.

Bornholm is a part of the Nordic Power System