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Final EcoGrid EU conference 2015

Partner presentations:

pdf-iconReflections from the Coordinator, O.Grande, SINTEF Energy Research

pdf-iconEcoGrid EU Market Concept, J. Østergaard, DTU-CEE

pdf-iconLearnings from Automating the Price-Response of Private Households, F. Mueller, IBM Research Zurich

pdf-iconICT & Technical solutions for aggregators, private & industry, A. Arendt & W. Ziel, Siemens

pdf-iconFrom traditional meter reading to almost online system information, B. Hansen, Landis+gyr

pdf-iconDemonstration: vision vs. reality, P. Lund, Energinet.dk

pdf-iconØstkraft - a physical laboratory, M.Bendtsen, Østkraft

pdf-iconEcoGrid EU evaluation: The concept and market place, P.Pinson & E. Larsen & G.Le Ray, DTU-CEE

pdf-iconCustomer participation and evaluation, J. Mastop, ECN

pdf-iconResulting Demand Response, F.Judex, AIT

pdf-iconFurther Exploitation of the Technology, K. Kok, TNO

pdf-icon Balancing market integration and institutional issues, G. Giannopoulos, ELIA

Conference programme and list of participants:

Conference programme

List of participants 


EcoGrid EU Reports

pdf-iconExperiences with Consumer Communication and Involvement in Smart Grid – with Examples from EcoGrid on Bornholm (summary and recommendations), 2016

pdf-iconErfaringer med forbrugerkommunikation i Smart Grid – med eksempler fra EcoGrid på Bornholm, 2016

pdf-iconEcoGrid EU: From Implementation to Demonstration, 2015

pdf-iconEcoGrid EU: Findings and Recommendations (brochure), 2015

pdf-iconEcoGrid EU: Overall evaluation and conclusions, 2015

pdf-iconEcoGrid EU: Replication roadmap, 2015

pdf-iconEcoGrid EU: From Design to Implementation, 2013 (pdf, 3.7 MB)



pdf-iconEcoGrid Newsletter no. 4, March 2015 (pdf, 5.5 MB)

pdf-iconEcoGrid Newsletter no. 3, June 2014 (pdf, 0.8 MB)

pdf-iconEcoGrid Newsletter no.2, February 2013 (pdf, 1.1 MB)

pdf-icon EcoGrid Newsletter no.1, February 2012 (pdf, 3.1 MB)


EcoGrid EU Standard Presentations

pdf-iconEcoGrid EU – an introduction (pdf, 1.4MB)

pdf-iconThe EcoGrid EU Real-time market concept (pdf, 0.9MB)

pdf-iconThe EcoGrid EU ICT design (pdf, 1.6MB)

pdf-iconThe Bornholm test-site (pdf, 1.3MB)

pdf-iconRecruitment and Involvement of EcoGrid EU customers (pdf, 5.7MB)

pdf-iconThe EcoGrid customer feedback system (pdf, 1.2MB)

pdf-iconDemonstration results (pdf, 1.7MB)

pdf-icon Recommendations and Replication (pdf, 3.3MB)


Grafics and logos

Puzzle (jpg, 9.3MB)

EcoGrid EU Logo (jpg, 0.1MB)

Illustration of Bornholm (jpg, 0.5MB)

EcoGrid EU Partners (jpg, 0.1MB)

Scientific Papers

pdf-icon EcoGrid EU: An Efficient ICT Approach for a Sustainable Power System, IBM Research - Zurich, October 2012 (pdf, 0.76 MB)

pdf-iconIEEE: EcoGrid EU, Berlin, October 2012 (pdf, 0.45 MB)

pdf-icon IEEE: EcoGrid EU, July 2011 (pdf, 0.5 MB)